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Ryan Ross

'z Toolkit v3 Boot Disk 58': The Ultimate Guide to Disk Conversion and Data Recovery

at this point, we have two iso files. the ubuntu live usb, and the ubuntu installation iso. we need to merge the ubuntu live usb iso contents into the ubuntu installation iso. for this, we will use the msmerge command. for example:

'z Toolkit v3 Boot Disk 58

Download Zip:

the boot process is performed by looking at the contents of the usb stick at the uefi level. to ensure this, we create another bootable iso file from the contents of the usb stick, and then install the iso file on the usb stick. for this, we use the following command:

when you create a gpt partition with killdisk, it must first create an empty 10-byte space before it can start the partition. it needs to reserve 1-2 kb of the 10-byte space to hold the starting cluster address. if you use the default cluster size, killdisk will always reserve at least one byte of cluster space to hold the starting cluster address.

detects unused clusters by comparing a standard cluster to each unused cluster until the maximum number of cluster wipe attempts, or it reaches the last non-free space cluster on a drive. to view the remaining cluster space on each drive, press c and display remaining cluster count (caf) information for each drive.

schedules a number of pre-programmed cluster wipes on each drive. each wipe has a pre-specified maximum number of cluster wipes. once that maximum number of cluster wipes is reached, the program will immediately exit. use c to view the remaining wipe cluster count (caf) information for each drive.

you must purchase slackware to use this web site. to make the most of your experience, you should use the latest versions of all your software. slackware builds are tested against the latest versions of compilers, libraries and software. the slackware build of ztoolkit is best installed as a stand-alone package; it can be packaged as a multi-arch/multi-platform slackware package, but the package will likely need more updates to become an official slackware package. you can obtain the latest version of ztoolkit from:


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