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Facer Watch Face Apk Full Version |BEST|

Facer Watch Faces app is the most complete and popular watch face app on the market today. It offers dozens of the most appealing options from major brands worldwide. And now, with Facer 4.0, the company is taking a step closer to high-end watches, similar to Fossil.

facer watch face apk full version

Also, we have amazing utilities such as an upgrade control platform to be more friendly and easier to use, revolving your watch face circularly with a variety of eye-catching images and videos. Besides, you can view the watch face in full-screen format. Facer also allows capturing wallpapers as watch faces right in the app.

Smartwatches and Android Wear devices have one cool feature that you can change any watch face you like. We no longer have to look at the boring single watch face. Instead, you can set an electronic dial, analog clock, altimeter face, compass integration and so many more designs that you may not even imagine. In this section, we will guide you on how to install more watch faces for your Android Wear device with the Facer app. The app contains a tremendous amount of watch faces for you to choose from.

The watch faces for Android Wear are also an app. But you must install it from your phone, not download and install directly on your watch. As before, you need to know how to access where to change the face first. We will talk about how to set the watch face. The way most people often use it is to use my Android phone.

Also, you need to use the Facer software to face an Android Wear device. This application will install on the phone. Its primary task is for you to choose the watch face as you like. Then, the app will switch that watch face to display on the smartwatch. You can install the Facer via this link. This app costs only $1 if you purchase the premium version on the online store. But it supports many beautiful faces designed by the entire community, which are not just a few simple faces.

We often use because there are many beautiful designs. You can choose the right models for the device you are using easily. You should use your phone directly to access the links above to download pages for faster and more convenient. Otherwise, once you download it, extract it, and copy it to your phone. When you have selected a design that you love, press the corresponding Download button on the website being viewed.

We are about to enter an era where changing the look of your watch will be almost as natural as changing the wallpaper on your smartphone. Android Wear finally offers a platform that offers the right level of customization, and the first creative tools are appearing. For example, Face for Wear, an app that allows you to create and share your watch faces. But basically, it only allows you to combine unique items. Facer is much more elastic, powerful, and functional.

Facer allows us to process our watch faces with the greatest flexibility. The difference between the two apps is the one that goes between Paint and Photoshop, which is the processing system. The designs achievable with Facer can be much more complex and detailed. But, inevitably, the app is also more complicated to use. You need to be familiar with graphics software to come up with something good.

If it is not your case, do not despair. Facer offers a small selection of ready-made watch faces, which are accessible from the side navigation menu. Unfortunately, the gallery is not very comfortable to visit as it lacks a bit of sorting options, filters, and other convenient interactions. At least, the app chooses the watch faces based on our interests and hobbies. Besides, it can suggest suitable faces for the watch shapes.

To make up for the lack of a simple system for sharing and uploading the themes created, Facer offers an online gallery that already boasts a vast database of watch faces. It will not make you regret it when making extra-purchases for the Premium APK version. The procedure is laborious.

In the past, there was an application that allows the replacement of an external watch face like the King Watch. However, English and Chinese support and difficult-to-use interfaces, paying fees for most of the beautiful watch faces make access to them annoying and time-consuming. In this section, we will explain why Facer is a greater alternative, which is regularly updated with a much simpler user interface.

Facer is an application that helps users to design their watch faces. It is written and tested by programmers before being posted to the Apple App Store. The programmers invite users to test this software with a public link as we have shared. The number of test participants is full. So, later members cannot register to test anymore.

Facer is just a third-party watch face display app. It is not a replacement for the default watch face. You can use Facer to replace the annoying and battery-consuming default watch face. Facer application is processed by users. So, it is not possible to install it all the time (limited number of users).

Overall, Facer Premium APK is the best Watch Face app for Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S2, and S3 models. Tweaking the watch face is easy, just install the Facer app from this link and hold the Home screen for a while to open the list of installed watch faces.

It will bring up multiple watch faces, which you can choose from by swiping left or right. When you see your favorite design, touch it to change the look of the watch as you like. You can install multiple watch faces in Facer, from Star Trek Watch Face to Garfield Navigator.

Facer watch faces are compatible with all of the latest Android Wear devices, including Nixon Mission, Polar m600, Michael Kors Smartwatch, Asus Zenwatch 3, Moto 360 Sport, Casio WSD-F10, Tag Heuer Smartwatch, Moto 360 1 & Moto 360 2nd gen, Huawei Android watch, Asus Zen Watch 1 & 2, Sony Smartwatch 3, LG G Android watch, LG G R Android watch, LG Urbane smartwatch, Samsung Gear smartwatch and more

Watch Sync workaround:Login with facer account and save the watch face in Favourites every time you have to change the watch face close the appthen open it immediately click on the watch face you want to apply click apply immediately and it will work.

Facer Watch Faces App is one of the most popular and well-known watch face apps on the market. You can choose from dozens of top brands around the world. Facer 4.0 is a step closer to high-end watches similar to Fossil.

We also offer amazing utilities like an upgrade control platform that is more user-friendly and simpler to use. This allows you to rotate your watch face around with a variety of eye-catching images or videos. You can also view the watch face full-screen. Facer allows you to capture wallpapers for watch faces directly within the app.

One cool feature of Android Wear and smartwatches is the ability to change any watch face. No longer do we have to be content with a single watch face. You can now set up an electronic dial, an analog clock, an altimeter, and compass integration, among many other designs you might not have thought of. We will show you how to add more watch faces to your Android Wear device using the Facer app. There are a lot of watch faces available in the app.

To face an Android Wear device, you will also need to use Facer software. This app will be installed on your phone. The app will allow you to select the watch face you prefer. The app will then switch the watch face to the smartwatch. This link will allow you to download the Facer. The premium version of the app is only $1. It supports beautiful faces created by the community.

You will be asked if you wish to download the watch face via Chrome or Facer. Select Facer. Instantly, the new watch face is added to Facer. To push this design to Android Wear devices, click on it. To switch to the Facer watch faces on an Android Wear device, follow the instructions at the end of this article. You will immediately notice the new design on your wrist.

Facer makes it possible to process your watch faces with maximum flexibility. The only difference between these two apps is the one between Paint and Photoshop. This is the processing system. Facer allows for more intricate and detailed designs. The app is more difficult to use, however. To create something great, you will need to be comfortable with graphics software.

Do not be discouraged if this is your case. Facer has a limited number of pre-made watch faces that can be accessed from the side navigation menu. The gallery is difficult to use as it lacks filters and sorting options. The app can choose the watch faces according to our hobbies and interests. It can also suggest watch faces that are suitable for your interests.

Facer Watch Faces Mod Apk: Facer Watch Faces allows you to customize your WearOS or Tizen smartwatch watch faces. Facer has everything you need for personalizing your Samsung or WearOS watch. It offers 100000 premium and free watch faces by top brands. The creator tool allows you to create your watch faces, and then share them with others. You dont have to be a default, Facer. The creator tool allows you to add your own style to your smartwatch.

10000 WATCH FACEOur vast selection is the largest source for premium and free faces. You can browse the most recent and; best-selling watch faces, or you can use our search function to find the right watch face for you.

Facer Watch Faces MOD APK is an application for watch faces to customize your watch with a variety of interesting designs and shapes. The application is designed for both Android Wear and Apple Watch. If you have a smartwatch, you can use it to make your watch more unique and attractive. You can also design your own watch face. It is not only an application for watch faces, but also a tool to customize your watch. With a wide variety of watch faces, you will never get bored. Customize your watch and share your custom design with friends. With the Facer Watch Faces MOD APK, you can make your own watch face.

With over 10 million downloads, it is a good application for watch faces. Design your own watch face, make your watch more unique and attractive. Share your watch face with your friends. The application is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Design your own watch face with the Apple Watch and share your custom design with your friends. The application has been updated to version 2.0.1. The new version brings new features and improvements. New watch face designs are added regularly. The new version of the application brings new features and improvements.


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