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How to Create Professional Music Scores with Descargar Sibelius 6 Portable

New in Sibelius 6:

descargar sibelius 6 portable

  • MasterBass: Use it to create a new project or replace an existing project. Create up to 64 instrument parts with two distinct basses on each, just like a full orchestra.

  • Synth: Explore an expanding spectrum of synth articulations and keypads.

  • Conductor: Sibelius 6 includes a rich set of metronome tools, tempo indicators, and style-specific features.

  • View Music History: The View Music History option lets you view and edit your scores all in one place.

  • Smarter Articulations: Using the Synergy System, two-voice articulations like bariton, tenor and string quartet are more consistent between voices.

  • Hyper Articulations: Add orchestration quickly and easily. Select from one of 13 new hyper articulations, or re-arrange to suit your needs.

  • Link Arp: Link Arps between every part in the same articulation, and even automatically use the instrument part for the arp.

  • New Tempo Indicator: Adjust the indicated tempo to create a unified sound.

  • Bass and System Harmonics: A new, user-configurable set of harmonic tunings that get deeper and richer, from the familiar to the exotic.

  • Concert Performance: Adjust variable panning in just the few clicks it takes to do an orchestra score.

  • New MusicXML/EZ Compatible: Sibelius 6 is fully compatible with the Apple Music Composer.

  • Fix the Double Note: Automatically fix a common flaw in music notation, where notes are written too close to each other.

  • Narrow Pitch: Create a strict region of pitches, just like in a traditional score.

  • Fixer: Turn Repair Mode on, and Sibelius will automatically repair any missing music.

  • Snap Mode: A new button on the main toolbar letstake a single mouse click on a score, and instantly have the next page ready to edit.


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