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The Assassin Chronicles: Murderous Origin Author's Note: this is a work of purely fiction/fantasy. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CONDONE AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY CONDEMN REAL LIFE VIOLENCE. This story depicts sexual violence, strangulation and murder in graphic detail. If you are sensitive to those topics, maybe skip this one. This story received writing credits as well as the use of likeness from @diamond_whore as well as permission was granted to use her pictures for illustration. If you would like to be featured in the next story, let me know! John paced anxiously as the end of his work shift grew ever closer. At 26 years old, he had the unfortunate job of being a security guard at a sketchy, crime ridden mall in a dangerous part of town. He lived in Portland, Oregon, and had seen firsthand the downfall of the once bustling and beautiful city. Beautiful works of art and feats of engineering were now vandalized with graffiti and bullet holes from rival gang shootouts. Unfortunately for him, his employer had tied his hands when it came to protecting the very place he was employed to protect. John was not allowed to carry a firearm on his person, he was only allowed to carry pepper spray and a radio. The police had all but abandoned the district, and didn't even come except to clean up the bodies and shell casings if there happened to be a murder. Every single case had gone cold, and they stopped asking questions. There were even disappearances of prostitutes that had gone completely uninvestigated. John had even got word that due to safety reasons, he was no longer allowed to stop people from stealing. John was not only a security guard, however. He was also a veteran of the United States Army. During his career in the military, they had trained him to be a killing machine. He was promised that he would see combat on the front lines. Unfortunately, that never happened. John displayed remarkable computer skills, and so the military pulled him out of infantry and gave him a computer technician job in the states. Not only did he not get to see combat, but they made him oversee other people fighting in combat zones while he just watched helplessly. John was fed up with his job, the lack of lawlessness and the rampant crimes. Why should he continue to put his life in danger every day for a company that would have his position filled before his body cooled? He was about to say fuck it all. Not only did he get to watch helpless as people did drugs, kill each other with no repercussions and steal whatever they wanted, he also watched the prostitutes in the area become emboldened with no law enforcement to stop them from practicing the world's oldest profession. He had long resisted using their services, but he was at the point where he didn't care anymore. You see, John had his eyes on one prostitute. Day after day, month after month she stood there, taunting him. His heart fluttered at the thought of talking to her. But, earlier in the day on his break the temptation of her sexy figure was too much to bear and he slipped her a note, telling him to meet him out back of the mall close to the freight entrance. She had enthusiastically agreed, and said she would meet him after he got off work. That wasn't the reason his heart was fluttering, however. John did not just want to fuck the prostitute. John had always wondered what it would feel like to take a life, and he was robbed of the opportunity to do so in the military. He had an urge to kill that had only grown over time, and due to his frustrations with the lawlessness and his own sexual frustrations he could not resist the urge any longer. He was handsome, muscular with slicked back long black hair. He had brown eyes and a devilish grin. Despite all of that, he had zero luck finding women. Tonight, he would not be denied. Because of John's skill with technology, he knew how to cover his tracks. He had set the cameras in the back to loop, and had driven his car there before work. No one would care that a prostitute went missing, and no one would ever know that it was him because he would hide his trail. The mall was completely empty except for him, so there would be no witness that he had picked her up. With no witnesses, no cameras there would be no hope for her. Finally, the clock hit 9pm, and it was time for John to leave. He made his way to the back entrance, and exited the building. As he did, the excitement in him grew more and more. As he surveyed the parking lot, he could see that his car was the only one in the parking lot. The back lot was used for employees, so he didn't expect to have any witnesses. John patted his waistband, reassuring himself that the pistol he had concealed was where it should be. He did not know the method he would use to kill the prostitute, but he was sure he wouldn't use a firearm. There were too many issues with a gun over anything else. As he scanned the area, he heard the sound of footsteps in high heels to his right, coming around the building. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the prostitute. She was absolutely gorgeous. The prostitute had long flowing black hair, a pink tube top with a black leather jacket over top which complimented her sizable tits, denim booty shorts, black tight leggings and high heel boots. She approached John, smiling. He could see her beautiful hazel eyes as she drew closer. He was surprised she would still dress like that in this cold weather. The prostitute flicked her hair back and gave John a devilish grin. "Are you here to be my knight in shining armor or are you here to punish me for being a bad girl?" She asked in a suggestive tone. John felt a surge of adrenaline. "You've been a bad, bad girl. I've watched you work in this area for a long time. I'm going to do unspeakable things to you." John told her, grinning. The prostitute bit her bottom lip. "Does my personal punisher have a name?" She asked. John nodded. "The name is John. John Doe. What is your name?" He asked. The prostitute giggled. "Of course your name is John Doe. Let's hope you fuck like a buck at least. My name is Annabel. No last names." She replied. John shook his head. "None needed. Now, why don't we go someplace more private?" He asked. Annabel nodded. "I was starting to think you'd never ask. It's impolite to keep a girl waiting, you know. I'm freezing in this outfit, and I need to go somewhere where we can warm up." She told him in a playful tone. John gestured to his car, which was a gray 2004 Toyota Forerunner. "After you, m'lady." He instructed. Annabel nodded approvingly and followed John to the car. "A John with manners. You keep this up and I might give you a discount." She told him and winked at him. John smiled. "We'll discuss prices in the car. After that, I'll take you to my place." He replied. He led her to the car, unlocked it with his remote and opened the door for Annabel. Once inside he closed the door, walked around to the driver's side and got in the car. He turned the ignition on, and warmed the car up. The cold January air had a bite in it, and it was as cold as death outside. He was surprised that she was wearing clothes as thin as she was wearing. It wouldn't matter much in an hour or so what she was wearing. She would be as cold as the outside temperature by the night's end. Annabel sighed in relief. "It's so nice to be in a warm car. I've been in the weather all day and you're the first client I've had in a couple of days." She told him. John nodded. "Don't worry, you'll be warm again soon enough. What are your prices?" He asked. Annabel studied John with a thoughtful expression. "I'll tell you what, I normally charge one hundred and fifty for full service, and three hundred if you don't want a condom. I'll cut you a deal since you're a gentleman and pretty good looking. I'll knock the price down by fifty for each. One hundred for a full service or two fifty if you don't want to wear a condom." She told him. John pulled out his wallet, and handed her two hundred and fifty. He would be getting his money back anyway. "I don't wear condoms." He told her. He then put the car in drive, and sped off towards his house. "Wow, you have a very nice house! I'm impressed. Most of my customers aren't very well organized." Annabel told John. She was admiring the interior design. John raised an eyebrow. His house wasn't anything special but he at least was a clean freak. His house was a basic setup. His house was a dark gray color. Looking at the house, there was a garage to the left and a yard to the right. There was a patio that led to a door that was right next to the garage, and a large horizontal window that extended along the living room. Once you enter the house, you are greeted by a moderate sized living room to the right as well as a bathroom and a bedroom past that. There was a couch that was alongside the window, and a 70 inch TV along the opposite wall. Directly in front of you when you enter was the dining room with a small two person table, despite the fact he never had anyone over. To the left of the dining room was a kitchen that extended the whole length of the garage. The master bedroom was spacious, as it was a single bedroom house. There was a king sized bed that was alongside the shared wall to the bathroom, a nightstand in between the bed and door, and a dresser on the other side. Along the wall that was the front of the house, there was a window that allowed a view of the road and an entertainment center with a large 60 inch TV on top. The floor was hardwood, and the walls were an eggshell white color. He had hardly any pictures on the walls, mainly just canvases of nature. He wasn't much for nick nacks, and so the house was pretty barebones. He was mainly a gamer when was not at work, so most of his money went into his gaming hobby with a pretty nice setup in both the living room and bedroom. John let Annabel look around a bit more as he took off his vest and hid his gun so she wouldn't see it. He didn't think he would need it, but he wanted it ready to access just in case. Annabel approached John with a look of hunger in her eyes. Hunger for his body. "Your house is nice, but I'll bet your bedroom is nicer. Why don't you show me where it is?" She asked. She took off her leather jacket, and threw it on the couch. She outstretched her hand for John to take. John took her hand, and led her into the bedroom. His animalistic urges were begging to break free. He closed the door with his free hand, and pulled Annabel tight to him. Annabel was surprised at his sudden advances, but didn't object. John ran his hands down her body. "You've been a bad, bad girl whoring yourself out to all those men. I'm going to punish you for letting everyone else fuck you except me." He told her, then squeezed her ass. Annabel gasped, and grinned. "Show me how you're going to punish me, officer!" She told him in a flirtatious tone. John turned her around, and grabbed both of Annabel's wrists. "I'm going to search you first." He told her, and began exploring her body. He became rock hard as he began exploring her body, starting with her arms and moving down her sides, and running his hands up her back, digging his fingers into her back. Annabel closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his muscular hands exploring her body, and let out a small moan as he massaged her back. A wave of pleasure hit her as his hands traveled up her shoulders, and to her neck where he began massaging her shoulders and eventually, her neck. She hadn't had a massage in forever, and had never been massaged by a customer. John spent a lot of time focusing on her neck, from lightly stroking it to giving her a deep tissue massage and she loved every second of it. He gripped her neck a little more forcefully for a few seconds, lightly choking her. A wave of excitement hit her as he did so, and was left panting for a few seconds when he was done. John then focused his attention on her gorgeous tits, and squeezed them through her shirt. He then pulled her shirt up, playing with her nipples, rolling them between his fingers and pinching them, gently at first but harder as he did it. He could tell she was enjoying it by the goosebumps that formed on her skin. He decided that he was going to let her have one last orgasm before he killed her. John's hands then traveled down to her ass as he squeezed it, massaging each cheek.Then, his hands traveled to her pussy as he caressed her. Then, he began to make light circular motions, putting light pressure on her clit. Annabel moaned softly and pushed back against his hand. "Oh fuck yes. Don't stop!" Annabel instructed, inhaling deeply. John continued to ravage her clit, gradually using more force as he did so. Right before she went over the edge John stopped, leaving her breathless and panting. John then released her hands, and then led her to the bed where he picked her up and threw her. Annabel shrieked, then giggled. She felt her pussy, which was already wet with anticipation. "Your hand was nice but how about you use your tongue to search me?" She asked, and ran her fingers up her thigh and across her pussy. She then pulled her shirt over her head and threw it at John. John didn't have to be told twice. He took off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest. He then climbed on the bed, grabbed Annabel's ankles and held them over his shoulders. He took off boots, massaged her thighs all the way down to her ass, then stripped her leggings off to reveal her sexy pink laced panties. He inhaled the crotch of her leggings, his cock throbbing at her scent. It wasn't enough though, he wanted more. He quickly took her panties off as well, and inhaled her delicious scent. Despite being a whore, she smelled amazing and knew how to take care of herself. She smelled musky, and had a slightly sweet smell. John began to stroke his dick through his pants as he smelled her panties. Annabel bit her lip. "Do you like to smell my dirty panties?" She asked, and rubbed her pussy while she watched him. Her pussy was already dripping wet as she watched him, and she imagined his dick being thrust inside her while she screamed in pleasure. She began to hump her hand and her breathing became heavy. John wanted to savor the smell of her pussy long after he killed her. He noticed that she was already wet, so he took her panties and gently shoved them into her pussy, his dick throbbing as her tight pussy gripped his fingers. He then pulled his fingers out and licked them. She had a slightly sweet and salty taste that made his mouth water uncontrollably. John unbuttoned his pants and took them off, then stripped off his underwear leaving his throbbing seven inch cock at full attention. Then, he climbed on top of Annabel, grinding his cock against her pelvis. He kissed and licked her neck, savoring her salty sweat as he squeezed her tits. He then pinned Annabel's arms down and kissed her, with Annabel returning the kiss eagerly. She parted her lips, inviting him in. John brushed Annabel's lip with his tongue which she reciprocated. Annabel couldn't take it anymore, and gently pressed his head down towards her tits as she closed her eyes and felt his touch. She gasped as he squeezed her tits, and used his teeth to scrap her nipples. He took turns sucking on each one before making a trail of kisses down to her pussy. She held her breath in anticipation. John brushed his fingers over Annabel's pussy, causing her to shiver in anticipation. She ran her fingers through his hair to encourage him. He teased her by blowing his hot breath on her pussy, causing Annabel to gasp and grip his head with her hands. He leaned in, using just the tip of his tongue to barely touch her pussy. Finally, he couldn't take the suspense anymore and decided to eat her out for real. John started by using his tongue to explore her whole pussy. He slid his tongue across her lips, savoring the taste of her salty-yet-sweet pussy. Her womanly smell was driving him crazy, as he hadn't felt, tasted or smelled a woman in a long time. He never had problems with lasting long, but that was Annabel's least concern tonight. John then forced his tongue inside her pussy, where the overload of her flavor was orgasmic in its own way. After a few seconds, he pulled his tongue out and turned his attention to her clit. Annabel loved the feeling of his mouth on her clit, and was close to going over the edge. She felt warm wave after wave of pleasure. She could feel the tension building as her breathing became more and more shallow. "Don't stop, I'm almost there!" She whispered through ragged breaths. She gripped his head with her hands. She finally lost control when John inserted her fingers in her pussy and began thrusting in and out of her. Annabel screamed as she climaxed, and wave after wave of pleasure hit her as all the tension in her body was released. Her body pulsed as she spasmed uncontrollably. It had been a long time since she had achieved an orgasm from a client, and she was in ecstasy from the release. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally came down from the orgasm as she panted heavily, breathless. The monster inside John finally broke free as he knew it was time. He inserted his fingers in her one last time, and pulled her panties out of her pussy. He smelled her scent one last time, then threw her panties on the bed. "I'm keeping these as a souvenir." He told her. Annabel giggled. "You do whatever you want with them. You earned those." She told him. John then climbed on top of her and without warning, thrust his cock inside her with all of his might. He moaned in pleasure, feeling her pussy swallow his whole cock before hitting her cervix. He started to thrust rapidly, not caring if he hurt her or not. Annabel's eyes grew wide as she gasped, not expecting him to start so fast. Luckily, she was already dripping wet from her orgasm. She gripped his biceps with her hands, loving the feeling of his strong muscles move underneath his skin. She loved the helpless feeling of being at his mercy as he had his way with her pussy. "Fuck me harder!" She shouted, her body feeling a wave of pleasure and adrenaline with every thrust. John obeyed, and thrust into her with reckless abandon. He squeezed her tits so hard his knuckles turned white. Annabel loved the feeling of pain mixed with pleasure. "Fuck me in doggy style!" She pleaded. If he fucked her in doggy style, she could push back against every thrust, bringing him in deeper and give her another orgasm. John complied, and pulled out, then flipped her on her stomach. He realized that if he was going to kill her, this would be his chance. He spotted her pink tube top shirt on the bed, and knew that he had found the murder weapon. He has debated on snapping her neck or shooting her, but knew that one would be too quick and the other too loud and messy. He twisted the shirt in a spiral, and wrapped it around his hands. Then, he shoved his dick inside Annabel. Finally, he wrapped the shirt twice around her neck. With that one motion, her fate was sealed. Annabel did not react initially. She seemed into it, began choking but tried to moan through the makeshift rope around her neck. She was still trying to meet his thrust, but John was not thrusting. Instead, his cock was buried as deep as it would go in her pussy. Her attitude changed from indifference to uncomfortability as she began to feel a little light headed as she tapped on the shirt wrapped around her neck. Her need for air started to become more and more desperate as her body tried to cough to force air in. Instead, it did the opposite and forced air out. John could feel her pussy clenching as she began to choke, and every time she would cough her pussy would contract. He reoriented his position, putting a knee on her lower back and forced her down while still keeping his dick deep inside her. "You have been a very naughty girl. Now, you will die fo


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