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Solucionario Serway 5 Edicion Tomo 2: A Comprehensive and Reliable Resource for Physics

MATLAB 2014 has got many new features which includes better graphical capabilities and better hardware interoperability. It is also environment independent. You can use it on windows, Linux and Mac at the same time. With the improved vectorization MATLAB 2014 can run much faster and with more accuracy. It is now possible to convert your MATLAB 2007 legacy code to work on other platforms. It will be mentioned later on how to do this. The MATLAB 2014 introduction covers different enhancements and changes are found in the areas like:

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MATLAB GUI in R2014 is much improved than the previous version. You can drag the object on which you want to work. As in previous versions you can access all the files by clicking on Browse icon.

MATLAB 2014 shows you the source of the error in the tooltip for the command window. It also lets you see the type of the matrix that you are working on. For example, if the matrix is not of 2D type you may get a different message. Also, If you are working on an 8 bit image which is an unsigned type you may get a different message. This feature can be very useful when you are using an embedded system which is not very strong in terms of memory.

MATLAB 2014 is the most powerful addition to matrices problems solvers. In Simulink you can easily create graphical models. The information about the simulations can also be added in the program. Furthermore, You can add blocks from the Simulink blocks catalog which enables you to integrate the functions. It also supports the graphical capabilities which can make your working process very simple.


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