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How to Play TOCA Race Driver on Your PC - A Step by Step Guide

"We're not talking about throwing in a few dull cut-scenes that people have no interest in. We're talking about trying to create the complete world of a pro race driver, where everything in the game has a real-world reason for being there, and where all events are directly driven by you. We want the whole game to flow so that you don't notice the story unfolding, just like in Half-Life." Throw in some extremely complicated damage simulation and a host of tracks and cars, and it all sounds very promising. The game has already been something of a hit on the PS2, where it appeared before Christmas, but needless to say we're betting that the PC incarnation is the definitive version. If so, we might even dig out another award.

toca race driver 1 pc download

Apart from being able to do all these types of races in a typical free race mode, TOCA 3 actually offers two distinct career modes. The world tour is similar to the career mode found in TOCA 2, in that it's a story-based affair where you play as an up-and-coming driver new to the scene, and the aforementioned Scottish fellow works as your primary manager, mechanic, and confidant. The story here is mostly incidental. You simply go through the mode's 32 racing tiers bit by bit, placing in certain spots to advance. Cutcenes will often play between races, but there isn't much of a real plot going on in this game like there was in the last one. You'll see a bit of rivalry going on between you and another racer, but that's about it. This isn't a bad Sylvester Stallone racing movie, though, and there doesn't need to be a bunch of manufactured drama. Being able to race through 32 tiers of racing events, and between a wide variety of races, is more than enough. The other mode is the pro career mode. Here, you simply pick a specific racing discipline, like classics or open-wheel racing, and progress through every track and championship that discipline has to offer. It's a nice progression, as you'll start with the easiest cars and move up to the most fearsome racing machines.


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