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Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross

Sumter County Friday Night

Tuesday night, Sumter County commissioners unanimously approved payments of $817,350 to AMR for its participation in a hybrid transport system still in use because the county has been unable to hire enough paramedics and EMTs to fully take over operations.

Sumter County Friday Night

Cochran, Georgia... No conformation of tornado one mile east of Cochran. Mr. Floyd reported he and his crew removed from five to seven trees off county and city roadways during the night and next day. Two of the larger trees were rotten inside. Most circumstances were that the ground was wet and the trees heavy with rain and the wind blew them over. He felt it didn't take much wind to do it. [BACK TO TOP]

It happened late Thursday night. Sumter county deputies say Brooks called 9-1-1 saying a woman was unconscious in his home off Richbow road. After gathering evidence from the scene, deputies brought in brooks for questioning and then charged him for murder. 041b061a72


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