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Couple Jewelry Sets, engagement ring promise ring... what's the difference?

Do you wish to give the ring of your loved one? You want to propose but you're not sure how to select an engagement ring. The SO OR team is here to help. In this blog post, we will introduce to you the different kinds of rings we have available, such as wedding rings, engagement rings, or even promise rings. How to pick them.

Origins and symbolism

The promise ring is one of the most popular rings today. It is a ring given to our loved ones or someone who is dear to us to signify promises. of love and fidelity that will last forever. It is a ring that symbolizes the trust between two people who agree to remain together for the rest of their lives. This ring is not a path to marriage. It is a symbol for eternal love and confidence. On the other hand, it can be offered before an engagement.

It is crucial to pick your promise ring carefully since it is the symbol of your love.

When should you give a promise band?

There are no rules on when to gift rings of promise. It can be an anniversary of the couple, Valentine's Day or a symbolic occasion.

Where to wear your promise ring?

There are no cultural rules. It's all about your personal preferences and your beliefs. It could be worn around the neck on a chain that has a rather fine mesh. It is worn on the left ring or right ring finger according to your preference.

How to choose the perfect promise ring

There aren't any cultural restrictions also. However, it is likely to be more modest than an engagement ring. The preferred motifs are generally: the heart, or the infinity symbol.

The SO OR team has selected for you a selection of promise rings that are sure to be a touchstone for your partner.

Origins and symbolism

The engagement ring was first utilized in Antiquity. In reality, the beliefs of the time were in the fact that it was thought that the ring finger was linked to the heart. Rings were affixed to the left, and especially the ring finger, as an indication of love forever. Giving a ring as gift to a potential spouse also meant that the dowry was paid to the inlaws.

An engagement ring that is present today is very traditional and symbolic in that it is a sign of commitment towards the beloved and can lead to a marriage vow.

It is important to select the ring that you would like to offer to the future bride because it is evidence of your dedication to her.

When is the right time to gift an engagement ring?

There are no rules that are rigid. In general, we provide an engagement ring when we propose in the year about 1 year before the wedding date, but this may differ depending on the couple. The proposal can be made on the time of a significant date, like Christmas, Valentine's Day, or even the anniversary of the wedding.

Where to wear your engagement ring?

Ring finger on left hand: A traditional choice because, according to ancient beliefs this finger is connected to the vein of the heart.

Middle finger: You can wear your engagement ring on the middle finger. Since it is the longest finger on your hand, it will be more noticeable and you'll be able to show it to your acquaintances.

Wedding ring: You have the option of wearing your engagement band on the same finger as your wedding ring.

How do you choose the perfect engagement ring?

A ring that has a similar look to her. Look up her style: chic traditional, elegant, alternative. The engagement ring is a piece jewelry that is worn every day, therefore it has to be tailored to the individual who wears it.

Budget It is an important present. The engagement ring is a significant investment.

Gold is the preferred material for engagement rings.

The stone: See our article on birthstones and precious stones. Diamond is the most well-known stone used in engagement rings. You can choose between sapphire which represents commitment and loyalty and commitment, or ruby that, in its hue, symbolizes love.

Volume: Your partner may decide to wear it after the wedding ceremony, superimposed over her wedding band. It is therefore advisable to choose a ring which isn't overly bulky.

The setting: There are three main types of engagement rings:

Solitaire: The best known game, a classic that will enchant your partner. Solitaires can be made of one stone.

The Shouldered Solitaire: A timeless piece to delight your bridesmaids. Shouldered solitaires are made up of a central stone and are surrounded by smaller stones.

The trilogy: A powerful symbol of commitment. The trilogy is comprised of three stones which represent your love's journey through present, past and future.

The SO OR team has selected for you a range of engagement rings to offer your loved ones to propose to her.

Origins and symbolism

The wedding ring is also an item of Antiquity similar to the engagement ring. In fact, in the past it was believed that giving a ring your bride-to-be signified the union of two families: the wedding dowry was paid. The belief is that gifting someone a ring is a sign of eternal love and eternity. The Catholic Church is to be grateful for the fact that we can now discuss alliances. From that time on, rings were exchanged on wedding day as well as the wedding vows.

The wedding ring of today is a jewel that symbolizes forever love and the bond between two beings.

The wedding ring is a symbol of marriage, and also the union of two people. These precious stones are your constant companions.

When is the best time to offer a wedding band?

On the day of the wedding, a wedding ring is given to the bride. Indeed, the exchange of rings is an extremely important and symbolic moment during weddings, since it takes place after the bride and groom have exchanged their vows.


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