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90 DAY


What's included?


c4m modular nutrition approach

Individualized Custom

Nutrition Blueprint (PDF)

Don't know what to eat? I'll include a detailed food guide so you don't have to guess!


Need meal ideas? I got you covered bro.

Don't know how much to eat? I have a dummy proof portion control system to keep you in check. All you need is a set of hands!




VALUE ( $1499 )


Custom Training Program (PDF)


Hate being in the gym forever? I'll get you in and out in 45min or less 2-3x a week!


Want to burn extra fat? I got a FOOL-PROOF Fat Burning Protocol just for you to melt that fat away FOREVER.

Don't know how many reps and sets to do? With the C4M ABSOLUTLEY JACKED METHOD, there is no fixed sets and reps. All I need is balls-out EFFORT!



VALUE ( $1999 )


60 Min Conference Call


Need help navigating through your plan? You can call me anytime and I'll be more than happy to walk you through it!

Need tips on how to successfully accomplish the 90 Day Transformation?


I'll give you the secret on how to nail this with my DAD-BOD TERMINATION MINDSET FORMULA!




VALUE ( $499 )


What others are saying...



''I was always the skinny kid growing up. This program not only helped me put on solid muscle, but also gave me the confidence I needed to excel in other areas in my life.''

image0 (2).jpeg


''This program is what I needed to kick start my weight loss journey. I'm down 100lbs and to say my quality of life has improved is an understatement. I look forward to passing on what I've learned here with my two little boys at home.''



''Follow the system to a T. This program has shown me results.''

Your Coach


Carl Hollant

Fitness Coach I C4M Training Systems

PN1 Certified Nutritionist

10+ Years Training Experience


You are unique. Your plan should be too.
I was my own test subject and was amazed how simple training and nutrition can be. You just need the right formula specifically tailored to you, your body, situation, and goals. Add some discipline and consistency and you'll be amazed on what you can accomplish.

How much does this cost?

I've sold this program for well over $3750...
But you won't be paying that.. 

Heck, you 
won't even pay 1/2 of that... The 90 Day Birthday Suit Remodel Protocol is now $1596...
Since you qualify...
I have an incentive for you..
Show me how motivated you are...
Show me how serious you are about transforming your body, lifestyle, and mindset...
If you buy this program today...
It's yours for...



or 2 payments of $599 ($1198)
or 3 payments of $499 ($1497)
or 4 payments of $399 ($1596)


Before the price goes up...
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